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measure appraisalAt Commercial Appraisers of Atlanta, we work with homeowners and realtors to determine actual Gross Living Area, Total Building Area, and the Area of Additional Structures that may be on the property. Our appraisers use advanced field tools such as laser measuring devices and tablet PCs to construct an accurate interpretation of your home’s measurements. There are also many rules and restrictions to how a home can be measured and what exactly qualifies as “living space” vs. “non-livable space”. Because of these rules, additions, conversions, and other changes made to a home can affect your total living area differently than you may think.

Real estate appraisers are the only professionals that are trained on how to properly measure a home. They are also the only group that can submit certified home measurements to have government records changed. Commercial Appraisers of Atlanta has the qualifications and the expertise to work on your behalf. Our reports conform to the USPAP guidelines and all federal regulations and standards.

Many homeowners do not realize that county tax records can have major discrepancies when it comes to the size of their home. This issue can arise from many different situations. First and foremost, county appraisers do not typically measure the inside of a residence. This means that any conversions, such as an enclosed attic or garage, may be missed completely. This problem only gets compounded when dealing with multi-story homes, since the county appraiser cannot see the layout of the second or third floor from outside. Newer homes are typically less susceptible to these issues because the developers and builders provide the county with floor plans during construction. But even then, mistakes can and do happen.

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UP TO 3500 SQ. FT

BASIC: $125




UP TO 7000 SQ. FT

BASIC: $225




UP TO 15000 SQ. FT

BASIC: $325




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