Property Tax Challenges

Challenging your property tax assessment has become a necessity in many parts of Georgia due to the decline in real property values. Unfortunately, most people challenge their local tax authority without knowledge or support. They may pull some information from the Internet to support their claims, but have no true basis for these declarations. More often than not, the assessor’s office will not even consider this type of information. This is where Commercial Appraisers of Atlanta comes in. We can provide the support needed for our estimation of value.

In the State of Georgia, it is the responsibility of each County Tax Assessor’s office to prepare the annual real estate and property tax digest. According to the state tax laws (O.C.G.A. 48-5), all counties must perform an annual review of properties. Sometimes this causes a change in your tax assessed value thus changing the amount of taxes due for your property.

While we are unable to guarantee the outcome of your appeal, an appraisal completed by a state certified real estate appraiser would be a step in the right direction in any dispute with your local tax assessor.

We do our own evaluation on your property from beginning to end and an independent report such as ours will be more persuasive when you are trying to appeal your property assessment. Here at Commercial Appraisers of Atlanta, we provide property valuation services for all commercial types: retail, shopping centers, office buildings, industrial/warehouse, hotel/motel, and apartments.

​Before considering filing a property tax appeal, you should contact an appraiser experienced in the assessment appeal process and an appraiser who is licensed and certified by the state your property is located.  Please contact us for a complete outlook on the property tax appeal process and so we can provide you with the accurate property valuation services for your needs.

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