Land Appraisal

Location is also a very significant factor in deciding the value of your land. Comparable properties may sell for completely different prices depending on their native area. Properties near active areas, for instance cities with heavy retail and business opportunities, can often sell for more than similar properties in more rural, quieter locations.

Once you’ve decided to sell your land, you’ll need to enlist the services of expert land appraisers, such as Commercial Appraisers of Atlanta, to sell your property at the correct market value. Our skilled and professional land appraisers will assess local market values and take every aspect of your land into account, adding each detail into the total land evaluation.

Distinctive aspects of the property will be taken into consideration, in addition to any sanctioned zoning for any future business or residential development. Furthermore, if your land has potential to make money, such as a farm or crop development, it will be worth more at time when crops are ready to be sold for profit.

A trained and experienced professional from Commercial Appraisers of Atlanta will complete their task in accordance to USPAP and Appraisal Guidelines for Federal Land Acquisition. After your land has been professionally valued, you’ll be ready to market your property at an expert price point.

The power of a sound land appraisal can’t be overstated. It affects the buyer’s investment before, during, and after the sale. Having a land appraisal completed by Commercial Appraisers of Atlanta will mitigate any problems and provide powerful leverage at the negotiating table.

Whether you’re buying or selling, working with a professional from Commercial Appraisers of Atlanta is worth the value. Call Commercial Appraisers of Atlanta now at (404) 692-5450 to schedule an appointment. Commercial Appraisers of Atlanta has the experience and qualifications to meet all your appraisal needs.

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